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Whenever folks are arguing that gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed because we should legalize God’s will (well, they don’t SAY that, but that’s what they mean ☺) I always like to point out that if that is so, they sure as heck shouldn’t have allowed my parents to get married! Heavens! My dad was raised catholic, but now has “recovered” from his days of being “brainwashed” and hates the church with a passion. My mom comes from a Jewish family (yay big noses!) ☺ but isn’t particularly observant of, well, anything. My dad proposed to my mom to (yes, this is true) make her feel better when he forgot her birthday. After I was born, they waited maybe a year before getting divorced. I lived with both of them at different times, but aside from a brief stint in temple when I was a toddler, I really had no exposure to religion at all.

In this setting, I will always count it a miracle that God came and found me and called me to His side.

I became a Christian in middle school, but it really solidified for me in college. That’s where I was confronted by a LOT of people who hated God, or didn’t think much of Him, professors who taught that he obviously didn’t exist, and [I was given] an overwhelming love for all these people flowing directly from Him.

I used to try and shock people by telling them that half my campus was gay; it was a nice statistic to prove that I was really trying to spread the gospel in a “dark place.” Now I think God used those years to teach me to love diversity, value different opinions, see how much He loves ALL of His children, and allow me to have personal friendships that proved to me that gay people were not, in fact, another species.

I’ve always said God has a sense of humor. That has to be one of the reasons He prodded me to start questioning my views on sexuality--after sending me across the world to do evangelical missions work! (He’s probably hiding His giggles even now) ☺

The past year has been a time of major spiritual upheaval. I won’t go into the details of my new ideas, or how I can explain away those six pesky verses ☺, because this is a testimony, not a defensive argument. I will say that I know God has spoken to me personally, and called me to a place that is scarier, but more filled with love that the religion I knew before. This is all still secret... so don’t tell my friends at home just yet! But I am certain God has been with me this year, and I won’t be ashamed to explain that to them when I finally get the chance. (And yes, I am in love. That does in fact make it all easier) ☺

My current favorite verse? Mark 2:21-22. God doesn’t change...but sometimes we need to.

The moon will shine like the sun, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven full days, when the Lord binds up the bruises of His people and heals the wounds He inflicted.