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Once upon a time, back in high school, I was an extreme atheist and actually went out starting fights and trolling furry forums for arguments on the existence of God. I believed I could prove that God didn’t, and couldn’t, exist, at least as an entity anyway.

Needless to say, I was proved wrong... but only after a very long argument with someone who I’ve regarded as a friend ever since. He took the time to cut to the basis of my argument after many hours of arguing and several megabytes of text. To cut down to it, the basis of my argument was that in order for God to exist he must be everything, because any mechanism that could understand everything (i.e. be omniscient) must have the same complexity as everything (else) in the universe. This is, in essence, an information systems argument which implied that nothing truly infinite could fit into a finite space. He pointed out that the Mandelbrot set had a theoretically infinite surface area, but, yet, still had finite bounds.

I thought about it for a while, being immediately stunned into agnosticism, and too proud to move further... but eventually came around after realizing the patience of the people around me, and the beauty of the universe, which was a much slower and more gradual process with a story that is much longer and more akin to an autobiography than a testimony.

Regardless, I recommend reading about, and considering, the works of Drs. Mandelbrot and Hofstadter wholeheartedly. I also consider studying the universe, God’s creation, and its limitless complexity sacred. It, unlike the Bible, is unabridged and untranslated and is, without a doubt, the greatest of God’s works that we can see/touch/smell/feel/hear.