● 1962.01.01 — Illinois’ new criminal code goes into effect, making it the first state in the United States to strike down sodomy laws.
● 2002.01.01 — Rev. Michael Bray, a convicted abortion clinic bomber and leading advocate of murdering abortion doctors, praises Saudi Arabia for beheading three gay men. “Let us give thanks,” Bray proclaims. “Let us welcome these tools of purification. Open the borders! Bring in some agents of cleansing.”
● 1956.01.10 — About 30 people attend the first public meeting of the Mattachine Society held at the Diplomat Hotel.
● 1977.01.10 — Ellen Marie Barrett becomes the first openly lesbian cleric.
● 1973.01.15 — Lance Loud comes out on the PBS series An American Family. He’s the first person to come out on national television.
● 2015.01.21 — Barack Obama becomes the first president to use the words “lesbian,” “bisexual,” and “transgender” in a State of the Union speech.