February 2 ___ 2013

foxeh: Several new terms dealing with "trans" and sexualities have been added to the Glossary.
procyanide: Yep, and just cleaned up some of that code on the same page. Also the June calendar is nearing completion.

January 29 ___ 2013

procyanide: Replaced a broken link on the Resources Page.
foxeh: Hey, Sir 'Coon! Ah! the Jeramy Townsley study.
procyanide: *nodnod* It's one of the oldest LGBT and the Bible type studies online, the second one Jarrell came across, and one that's still updated by the author periodically.

December 29 ___ 2012

foxeh: Team Ark was a success in 2012 with the 7 participants losing a total of 46 pounds.
procyanide: Are they going to keep it going for 2013?
foxeh: Yes. Jarrell, Xedrik, ProfHauke, and Wolfie1 will continue their healthier eating and are being joined by newcomers SymphonicRP and SNPDiva!
procyanide: Is it too late for others to join?
foxeh: No, but they have to hurry and send in their starting weight to jarrell@myrainbowark.com by Sunday night.

November 23 ___ 2012

procyanide: No changes, major or otherwise to announce about the website.
foxeh: Thanksgiving's over for another year, and the March calendar is ready to go live December 1st.

September 16 ___ 2012

foxeh: Sooo... what happened to the new panel that was coming for Life In Prism?
procyanide: Not sure. Sunny seems to be MIA at the moment - hope he's okay :/
foxeh: Me too. I've noticed we've had lots of visitors lately from around the globe.
procyanide: Globe is good.
foxeh: *nod* Aside from the US, our most recent ones have been from Taiwan, France, the UK, Canada, even Poland and Italy.
procyanide: Nice. Probably should take an opportunity to invite them to join Our Forums
foxeh: Lot's of nice people there, furry and otherwise.

July 4 ___ 2012

foxeh: Been awhile, what's new?
procyanide: Some new panels coming for Life In Prism
foxeh: Sunny lives!!!
procyanide: Yep, the sketches look good.
foxeh: You saw them and you didn't show me?
procyanide: Knew you'd want to see the final color ones.

June 15 ___ 2012

foxeh: Gooooood evening, Pittsburgh!!!
procyanide: Big day tomorrow!
foxeh: Get some good rest tonight, furs!

May 9 ___ 2012

procyanide: Facebook.
foxeh: Pardon?
procyanide: We're on Facebook as of today. The button is below.
foxeh: *blinks* So it is!

April 28 ___ 2012

foxeh: They just replaced the Twitter button with a widget which displays the last 10 tweets.
procyanide: *thumbs up*

April 15 ___ 2012

foxeh: We has tweets!
procyanide: 'bout time. "Follow" button at the bottom of this page.
foxeh: Our members get busy and don't always have time to login to the Forums or lj, but this will keep them in the loop.

March 19 ___ 2012

procyanide: In the last couple of days LiveJournal has changed the domain coding for all community journals, which rendered useless all of our nav bar links to our lj, while our footer links still worked. The new shortened domain addy has now been adopted for our lj links in the nav bars.
foxeh: Translation?
procyanide: It's fixed. :)

January 29 ___ 2012

procyanide: A redirect error has been corrected.
foxeh: Hmm?
procyanide: Anyone using the interfaces for either creating an email account, or submitting an event to Our Calendar, after 5 seconds they have both redirected the user back to the home page or the calendar respectively. But until now, if the user would have clicked on the link provided to speed up return to the page, that's when they got the error. Now, both links work.
foxeh: Were there complaints about it?
procyanide: Not one. I guess everyone who've used the interfaces have been patient to let the page itself redirect them.

January 15 ___ 2012

foxeh: What happened to the ship?!
procyanide: It was 192k so some dial-ups had trouble loading it. The new "Rainbow Ark" behind us is only 80k.
foxeh: Ah. More tweaking, I see.
procyanide: *nod* that, and it was time to update the logo a little, not only here, but the headers throughout the site.
foxeh: Cooool, yeah, that leopard pattern! I see.
procyanide: Also, I should mention... a note to any myrainbowark.com email holders - cPanel changed their interface for logging into your email, and it may have prompted you to re-enter your user and password. A lot of folks probably had theirs set to log them in automatically, so it would be easy to forget your PW. If you did, just send Jarrell a message and he'll reset your PW so you can get back into your email, then you should immediately change it to something only you know, once again.

December 25 ___ 2011

foxeh: Hey, now that Christmas is over, Rainbow Ark has a new project for anyone to get involved. But they have to act fast.
procyanide: I heard. They want to put me on a diet.
foxeh: Diet is such a nasty word. Anyway, it's not just you, it's everyone that is carrying around a little extra weight, and they want to get into shape.
procyanide: How is it again? We're supposed to send in our starting weight?
foxeh: That's right. Jarrell's collecting all the starting weights, and they'll be added into one total. Each participant periodically sends in their new weight throughout 2012, they all are added up again, and the change is represented by a line on a chart. Then at the end of the year, we see how much total weight was lost.
procyanide: I see. Sort of like a Team Ark type of thing.
foxeh: That's the idea. Just send your current weight to jarrell@myrainbowark.com before January 1st if you'd like to be part of the team.

December 5 ___ 2011

procyanide: A few minor changes to MRA at the end of the year...
foxeh: And as we near the Christmas season.
procyanide: *nod* a broken link in our Resources has been replaced by "Father's Love Letter".
foxeh: Oh! That's a lovely video. ^.^
procyanide: Yep, and April is ready to go live in the Calendar.
foxeh: There's also a fun link just under the navigation buttons here that is sure to delight!

October 22 ___ 2011

foxeh: So yeah, the work on Our Calendar is done, with the width on the days and each week now standardized.
procyanide: *nod* Instead of growing or shrinking with any number of factors.
foxeh: The Interest Resource Center is being removed soon from the original LiveJournal community, so viewers here should click on a portion of those to see if there are any they would like to personally recommend for this website's Resources.
procyanide: Why is it being taken down?
foxeh: Over time links would become broken and it was becoming a pain to keep current. Also Jarrell had hand-picked most of these years ago, and he'd rather the resources come from more of a cross-section of the membership - things that have helped others, and not just based on searchable interest catagories for the lj.
procyanide: Makes sense I guess. Incidentally, totally changing the subject but the visits to this website are currently 20 times the visits to the LiveJournal.
foxeh: W00t!!!

September 17 ___ 2011

foxeh: Jarrell's in the process of revamping Our Calendar.
procyanide: Oh great, more tweaking!
foxeh: Well, in the long run it will make posting new months easier, but about the only changes viewers will notice is that the calendars themselves will be wider, and the animal species presenting the special days will be more varied.
procyanide: Sounds okay. ...Hey wait, if the calendars are wider, it means we'll have to be narrower!
foxeh: Only just a little. You won't even have to go on a diet.
procyanide: I'm not fat anyway.
foxeh: No, just vertically challenged. *scampers*

August 25 ___ 2011

toonycoon: Wow, you guys have been so quiet lately.
procyanide: Oh hey, Jarrell!
foxeh: *hug* Yeah, I guess it's been pretty much business as usual for awhile. Not much new to report.
toonycoon: *nods* Well, hey, I just wanna thank you two for the great job you're doing, keeping our guests updated on all the new stuff.
foxeh: No prob, Jare, it's what we do.
procyanide: Well, that and giving each other grief.
toonycoon: *lol*

July 16 ___ 2011

procyanide: There was a substantial rewrite to the 1M1W page today.
foxeh: That's the first item in the Glossary, right?
procyanide: That is an affirmative.
foxeh: You're so formal today :)
procyanide: Getting ready to go on a date with very learned gentleman.
foxeh: Oh Curt, that's wonderful. ...um, has he seen your pink Caddy yet?
procyanide: He did, earlier this week when we had lunch.
foxeh: And he's still around for a second date?
procyanide: He likes classic cars, and pink's his favorite color. ^_^
foxeh: *lol* You're one lucky 'coon!

July 10 ___ 2011

procyanide: Been checking out the stats and stuff around the site.
foxeh: What have you found?
procyanide: A fair amount of activity lately on the forums. Do you know that since it started February of last year, there's been 1020 posts, and 186 topics?
foxeh: Seems like a fair number.
procyanide: Yeah, and there's 33 users there too.
foxeh: I noticed there's a couple of fun deals going on there right now: a brand new RP, and a story that's built by each user adding 10 words at a time!
procyanide: It's featuring raccoons :D Anyone can get in on it too. All they have to do is sign up... Forums
foxeh: ^.^

June 15 ___ 2011

foxeh: Curt, in just 2 days, MyRainbowArk.com will turn 2 years old!
procyanide: Yeah, and I heard they're celebrating by offering stuff to the members.
foxeh: Very true. All existing myrainbowark email accounts are having 50MB added to their total online box space.
procyanide: And that goes for new accounts opening between now and Saturday. Instead of 250MB, they'll have 300MB.
foxeh: Plus, each person that sends their mailing address to Jarrell by Saturday will get a CD sent to them with the original unshrunk files created by Sunshine Fox of our first 3 episodes of Life In Prism!
procyanide: *nod* and it's rumored, my buddy Jarrell's gonna throw some other files on there too.

May 29 ___ 2011

foxeh: A couple of new terms were added in the Glossary
procyanide: Scritch and Wrangler. :P
foxeh: Sounds like it could be a lawfirm.
procyanide: *nod* or like a comedy team.

May 14 ___ 2011

foxeh: Our FAQ is going through a bit of a rewrite this morning.
procyanide: Are they finally going to install that dragon grooming station?
foxeh: o.O ... You're just beyond all comprehension, aren't you?
procyanide: Just askin'.
foxeh: Some of the answers didn't sound like a sentient being was responding. More like Brent Spiner after taking a course on contractions.
procyanide: Who says Data isn't sentient! :/
foxeh: o Boy, here we go..
procyanide: Don't mess with my Trek. I'll sick Worf after you.
foxeh: That's a bad thing? :)

April 3 ___ 2011

foxeh: Another upgrade ^.^
procyanide: Lay it on me.
foxeh: Second row navigation has been added to the footers of all the primary pages.
procyanide: Excellent. They can now go directly from YJLM to The Ark Store, or from Calendar to the Forums, without going back through the home page first.

March 28 ___ 2011

procyanide: And speaking of upgrades...
foxeh: Excited I am ^.^
procyanide: Anyone can now download a pdf version of the YJLM.
foxeh: AH! I see that little button that appeared under the me trying to lift the stone tablet on the YJLM synopsis page!
procyanide: That's the one!
foxeh: Well, things just keep getting better :D

March 19 ___ 2011

procyanide: Kewl.
foxeh: Hmm?
procyanide: MyRainbowArk.com is now rated "OK" by Norton Safe Web.
foxeh: That's what I'm talkin about.
procyanide: The full report is: here.

March 6 ___ 2011

procyanide: Life In Prism, episode #3, boom, it's up.
foxeh: :) And there has been a recent change to the pink buttons below.
procyanide: Yup. Free Stuff has given way to Resources.
procyanide: I'd call them more magenta, actually.

February 25 ___ 2011

foxeh: We have furs checking in from Furry Fiesta!!!
procyanide: Well, how do you know?
foxeh: It's this feeling I have.
procyanide: Is this like a Romper Room magic mirror thingie?
foxeh: ?
procyanide: You know. Romper Bomper Stomper Do?
foxeh: Hmmm... Must be before my time. :P Anyway, we have furs checking from Furry Fiesta! Hey thanks for checking out our website. *waves*
procyanide: Vaperfox is conducting a church service at FF on Sunday at 9AM.
foxeh: So cool!

February 19 ___ 2011

foxeh: Curt, I got some news. There's TWO of us.
procyanide: Gosh, are you sure? Let's recount, sound off: "ONE"
foxeh: "TWO" Silly. Two groups. Rainbow Ark isn't the only LGBT Christian Furry group.
foxeh: ...Open Arms
procyanide: *Looks* ... Cool!! They've been going since late last year and they already have an impressive number of watchers.
foxeh: Yes, and that's not all. RA and OA are currently in close communication, sharing resources and members, and planning future collaborations!
procyanide: Oh Baby. But hey, it just makes sense. They sound so similar to us.
foxeh: *nod* Look for lots of mention of them as time goes on. We're working for the same things, so we're teaming up whenever we can! God doesn't hate you because you're gay.
procyanide: I used to think he did. Now I know better.

January 22 ___ 2011

procyanide: There's a little Valentine's tribute in the form of a YouTube below us
foxeh: I see! It's so cute. Lot's of furry artists featured with two full songs!
procyanide: Yeah, and thanks to "Lynxy" for putting it all together.
foxeh: *hugs Lynxy whoever they are*

January 7 ___ 2011

procyanide: Rainbow Ark has a new snail mail.
foxeh: Out with the old.
procyanide: Yup. It's P.O. Box 112, Bloomery, West Virginia, 26817
foxeh: Bloomery is such a fanciful-sounding place.
procyanide: Fanciful or not, it's where you send your letters if you want them to be read.
foxeh: That's fair enough :)

January 2 ___ 2011

foxeh: New testimonies are pouring in. One went up on the 31st, another is going up as I speak, there is another almost complete, and at least 4 others are in the works.
procyanide: It's not an easy thing to do. I wouldn't know what to write or where to even start.
foxeh: I know, but it really helps ones going through the same things to know they're not alone.
procyanide: Yeah.
foxeh: So tell me, how old were you when you came out as raccoon?
procyanide: Pretty young, but my mom already seemed to know.

December 31 ___ 2010

foxeh: Happy New Year, Curt!
procyanide: I hope it will be.
foxeh: Ya mean, just generally?
procyanide: Yeah :)
foxeh: Kewl. For the new year, the site, including this homepage is going through a tiny face lift. So look for things changing here and there, but it'll all be done on the fly.
procyanide: Sunny is putting finishing touches on our 3rd Life In Prism page.
foxeh: Suhweet. Hey, I noticed you're using punctuation at the end of your lines. A new year's resolution?
procyanide: Perhaps.

December 6 ___ 2010

foxeh: Jarrell just reduced the total filesize of the photos on the "Anthrocon 05" page in the Gallery, yet the photos appear bigger.
procyanide: Oooo, magiiiiic ...so in other words, the page loads faster and you no longer need a magnifying glass
foxeh: Correct :)

November 27 ___ 2010

procyanide: 32 years ago today, Harvey Milk was shot.
procyanide: http://www.sanfranciscosentinel.com/?p=96299
foxeh: *goes to article*
procyanide: ...the annual memorial march
foxeh: Some would say that the march only keeps the hate alive, but it's so we don't forget.
procyanide: And also a good bit of celebration, and a reminder of how far we've come
foxeh: ...or for how far we hope we've come.

October 16 ___ 2010

foxeh: Life In Prism, episode 2 is up!! :D
procyanide: Yayz!!!
foxeh: Gramma's such a sweetheart ^.^
procyanide: She makes great cookies too :P

October 7 ___ 2010

procyanide: There's a change in the email account application.
foxeh: Payment of your firstborn or a lock of fur? *lol*
procyanide: Nothing like that. It's now just for Rainbow Ark members, either of the LiveJournal or of the Forums.
foxeh: But what about the non-members who already have an email account?
procyanide: They're fine, they're grandfathered in. Nothing will change for them
foxeh: Oh good.

October 6 ___ 2010

procyanide: February calendar is ready to go up, and Life in Prism #2 is getting finishing touches
foxeh: Kewl. In our last 500 visits, we've had the highest diversity of countries represented since we began a year and a half ago!
procyanide: Nice :D I still don't see any new testimonies. What's up? :(
foxeh: Not sure. They will be put up as soon as we get them though :/
foxeh: AH!! Hold Up! There's a new one there now :D

September 28 ___ 2010

foxeh: 4 more furcons were just added to Our Calendar in October, November, December from the events calendar on the rainbow_ark LiveJournal userpage.
procyanide: also some sloppy code has been trimmed up on our calendar
foxeh: Actually, make that 5 furcons added.

September 26 ___ 2010

foxeh: I'm sure our viewers have noticed by now, but the International Talk Like a Pirate link has been replaced by one picturing Matthew Shepard
procyanide: When you hover, it says Matthew Shepard, October 12th, and clicking takes you to more info
foxeh: *nod* October 12, was the day young Matthew died of a brutal beating, for no other reason than he was gay :(
procyanide: Something will be displayed in this space from now on, depending on time of year and whatnot
foxeh: So check back often for something fun, something historical, or something that prompts your involvement.
procyanide: And right now, I'm going to get involved with a pastrami on rye :P
foxeh: Been through the neighbors' trash again?
procyanide: *glare*

September 5 ___ 2010

foxeh: Well, January Calendar is about ready to go live
procyanide: And we should say again that if anyone out there has an event of any kind they'd like to see published, there's a user interface near the bottom of that page where they can submit that event.
foxeh: And in other news, Jarrell's down to the last 2 pages of switching over all of the special characters to proper HTML.
procyanide: I still don't see any new testimonies
foxeh: There should be a couple of them completed soon.

August 15 ___ 2010

procyanide: Okay, the final went up this morning on the first Life In Prism, and just in the last hour, Jarrell's got the file size down to 140k, which should be good for even most dial-up furs
foxeh: This is all new, so it takes awhile to get it just right, but they're working it.
procyanide: Yup, and Sunshine Fox is already beginning concept sketches for the next one *nod*

August 12 ___ 2010

foxeh: SQUEEEEE!!!!
procyanide: The button's down there isn't it...
foxeh: Yes! Yes! ...now it's only an ink *slash* page test of the first episode, but, there it is ^.^
procyanide: Well that's pretty decent. Heh, my car is da bomb, a regular dude magnet ;P
foxeh: Bomb is right. Actually, it looks like it would survive most road bombs. *poke*
procyanide: It gets the job done

August 2 ___ 2010

foxeh: Kudos, shinees, and all that is good to one of our newest members, HoustonWolf, who came up with the Slogan for our community now displayed above!
procyanide: That works for me.

July 28 ___ 2010

foxeh: Hey Curt, what's cookin'
procyanide: I was just going to say I have a couple things this evening. Firstly, the email login page has been adjusted so that users can login without scrolling no matter how small their display. It's just a little time saver.
foxeh: Good, good.
procyanide: And the big thing today, is that Jarrell has installed a user interface on Our Calendar for when someone has an event to add!
foxeh: Squee!! I see, it's right below where we're standing on that page!

July 15 ___ 2010

procyanide: Another small change report, this one's cosmetic for now, New and improved section titles
foxeh: Oh, those are nice!
procyanide: cPanel has changed their interface so that Jarrell can no longer be lazy and insert special characters into the html and get them to hold once the page is saved. He now has to switch to alt character coding for those. He's doing a page at a time as it needs edited for other reasons.
foxeh: Cool. What else?
procyanide: The "Forum" button has finally been changed to "Forums" since they are plural, and he's temporarily inserted the button and mouseover effect for Life In Prism which when ready, will appear to the left of "Donations"
foxeh: *nod* And I know he has the navigation panel worked out for those web comic pages.

July 7 ___ 2010

procyanide: Change report - Glossary. First term, 1M1W was getting too long, so it's been slid off onto its own page, and there's been one new term added.
foxeh: If anyone's noticed our Rainbow Ark banners being a little brighter and sizes adjusted, the old jpgs have been replaced with pngs. What else you got?
procyanide: Nothin. What you got?
foxeh: My good looks and a floofy tail that's not for sale ^.^
procyanide: Poet, and didn't know it
foxeh: Adam had 'em

July 4 ___ 2010

foxeh: Hey Curt! :) On this bright, sunny 4th, there's a few announcements for our peeps.
procyanide: Lay it on me
foxeh: November calendar is almost ready to go live, and there's yet another new item in the Gallery!
procyanide: O Baby. What's the ETA on the web comic?
foxeh: Finishing touches on the layout of the first episode, getting ready to be inked!
procyanide: ^____^

June 29 ___ 2010

procyanide: October calendar is now up, June will be taken down on the 1st.
foxeh: And if anyone ever has information on other events, they can tell Jarrell and he will add it, post haste.
procyanide: What else is cookin'?
foxeh: I understand there are anywhere from 2 to 4 testimonies coming in the next 4 to 6 weeks.
procyanide: And the coming premiere of us in our own web comic

June 27 ___ 2010

foxeh: There is some new content in Our Gallery
procyanide: Well it's about dingity dang time XD
foxeh: Oh, you're so tough.
procyanide: *can't hear you, is mesmerized by the spinny "new" thing on that page*

June 23 ___ 2010

foxeh: What has over 3500 tails and starts with the letter P?
procyanide: O I give up :P
foxeh: It's Pittsburgh!! And furs are checking in from Anthrocon!!! :D
procyanide: YEAH!!! Wooooooot!!! :D
foxeh: Hey everyone, there's new content coming soon, including a web comic drawn by our bestest bud, Sunshine Fox!
procyanide: There's new testimonies, art and pics coming too
foxeh: *nod nods* And check out all the buttons just under our footpaws. This time last year, only a couple of them were working. ^.^
procyanide: and remember to eat your glowsticks because they're good for you :D
foxeh: You're weird.
procyanide: I'm not the one holding a "MY" sign :P

June 17 ___ 2010

foxeh: Hey, my little striped-tailed friend :)
procyanide: They're rings, not stripes
foxeh: Hey, my little masked bandit friend
procyanide: Yes, my tall, orangish red smirkish-faced friend
foxeh: Do you know what day it is?
procyanide: Yeah, it's Thursday
foxeh: Why did I know that was coming? ...what happened a year ago today?
procyanide: *thinks* ... o.O OMG!!! We've been online for a year!!! :D
foxeh: That's right - free shinees for you!!! XD
procyanide: *Lulz* happy anniversary, Chris

June 9 ___ 2010

procyanide: Okay, Jarrell's in the process of grooming all the html for each page to get it closer to a 4.01 certification
foxeh: Your coat does look a little shinier ^.^
procyanide: Yep, this page is a new file, so is our discussion archive, and the calendar, and the archive is now 100% compliant
foxeh: Well, that's cool. So is the goal to be 100% throughout?
procyanide: Well, sort of, but there's some perfectly legit code which is tripping up the validator which is probably going to remain as is. But over all the pages will load more consistently no matter what the browser
foxeh: Something to do while waiting on the new content. Has anyone sent in their testimony or art piece yet?
procyanide: Not yet :/
foxeh: :/

May 29 ___ 2010

foxeh: September calendar is ready to go up with its usual list of furcons, member birthdays, LGBT current and historical events, and famous LGBT celebrity birthdays.
procyanide: Do you think they'll list my birthday?
foxeh: I don't know Curt, you're not exactly a household name, yet *pat pats*
procyanide: Hmmm... And, the webcomic is coming along. I've been posing for action shots
foxeh: Ah yes, the intrepid hunt for the right color of fuzzy dice for your rear-view mirror.
procyanide: *glares* Wow, yer full of vinegar today.
foxeh: Can't help it. 3-day weekend :D Gonna do some grilling, wanna come over?
procyanide: Sure, I guess. What do foxes grill?
foxeh: Usual stuff. Steaks. Sausages. a rabbit or two - oh before I forget, we have a name for the comic too: "Life In Prism"
procyanide: I like that. Did my pal Jarrell come up with that?
foxeh: Nope. Threetails did.
procyanide: A fox!?
foxeh: ^.^
procyanide: You think you're so smart :P

May 9 ___ 2010

procyanide: Did you call your grandma this morning?
foxeh: Yes I did :) and thank you for asking, Curt
procyanide: *nod* It's getting a little easier for me through time
foxeh: I know she'd be proud of her son. I believe she's smiling at you right now.
procyanide: *smiles* So how's the testimonies and gallery pieces coming?
foxeh: They're in progress. And the August calendar is ready to go up. But the best news of all, Sunshine Fox is doing a web comic!
procyanide: Starring who?
foxeh: Who do you think? ;)
procyanide: MEEP !!! :P
foxeh: How's your acting skills?
procyanide: Bring it :P

April 24 ___ 2010

procyanide: To aide in speed of navigation, all secondary pages now have the option of going "Home" in addition to going "Back"
foxeh: That is an improvement *nod* I've also heard we're going to be getting some new content soon?
procyanide: Yes, a couple more testimonies in the works and a couple more gallery submissions of both art and fursuit pics!
foxeh: Nice!! And July is almost ready for the Calendar too.

April 2 ___ 2010

foxeh: Embellishments.
procyanide: Embellishments?
foxeh: Jarrell's been busy adding nautical themed bars to the footers of the secondary pages.
procyanide: *looks* Kewl! Is he ever going to stop tweaking?
foxeh: Not likely :)
procyanide: That's what I thought :D

March 27 ___ 2010

procyanide: Okay, so Jarrell just switched the basefont of the site and titles from Garamond to Georgia
foxeh: Much easier on the eyes!
procyanide: Yup.
And anyone who doesn't have Georgia in their fonts will see it all in Times New Roman.

March 1 ___ 2010

foxeh: So... to recap, here are all the things you can be involved with on MyRainbowArk... Curt, help me think of everything
procyanide: You start, and I'll jump in
foxeh: Okay, you can sign up for your own email account. Use one of 3 viewers or configure it to your Outlook
procyanide: They'll start you out with 250MB of total box space, or you can request more for free
foxeh: In fact this is all free. You can submit your testimony to Jarrell and you get your own page where it appears. Click on "Our LiveJournal" and go to the community page and read member advice on coming out to your family, or click on any one of over a hundred separate other websites listed in the resources.
procyanide: That's the original community where most of the members are, and their birthdays show up on our calendar here.
foxeh: You can buy something from The Ark Store, and a dollar of every item sold goes to helping an artist I'm rather fond of by the name of Sunshine Fox who lost his job and apartment. Or you can go to Free Stuff and partake of what that page has to offer.
procyanide: The gallery. Artists get their own page to display their furry photos, poetry, and visual arts - just contact Jarrell, and he'll set you up.
foxeh: The Forums! OMG the forums where there is a category for every interest including furry musicians, spiritual discussions, classifieds, and RP. 18 forums in all!! Upload your avatar, even send private messages.
procyanide: And you can be a mod for one of the forums. You can donate to MyRainbowArk safely through PayPal, or you can alert Jarrell of other events which need to be added to the calendar
foxeh: Learn about our development by perusing the C&C Archive, volunteer where you'd like to help with either the LiveJournal or the website. Have a suggestion? There's a forum for that. How did we do?
procyanide: That about covers it methinks.

February 21 ___ 2010

foxeh: I noticed the chat has been removed from the navigation
procyanide: *nod* it was time to finally can it since it's been inactive for a couple of months
foxeh: They just couldn't get it going?
procyanide: They lost the team member who was working on it, but more than that, the most on at one time were 3, and 95% of the time when someone logged in, the room was empty.
foxeh: But the forums are going gangbusters!
procyanide: ...and so are the general hits on this site - three times more than on the lj this month, when up to now it's been only twice as many.
foxeh: And furs are checking in from all over the world now.
procyanide: And I'm not quite as grumpy as I used to be ^.^

February 10 ___ 2010

foxeh: Well, the guest book has been permanently removed.
procyanide: Spambots?
foxeh: *nods* One in particular which was changing IPs with every entry, with hits as much as once every 10 minutes around the clock, even when the guest book wasn't pointed in the navigation, and even with the interface offline.
procyanide: grrr
foxeh: But on the bright side no one had actually used the guest book for several months. All the files and entries are saved in case we want to try it again at a later date.
procyanide: Oh well, a guest book on a website is so old school anyway :P
foxeh: The forums are up and running and looking good! Lots of furs joining on a daily basis.

January 27 ___ 2010

procyanide: The guest book has once again been taken offline because the fricken spambots keep finding it :P
foxeh: Blood pressure, Curt.
procyanide: grrr I know I know
foxeh: But the good news is, the forum is up, is nearing the end of its beta testing, with the help of Xeans, Nexrad, and VaperFox!
procyanide: Nice! And it looks awesome too.
foxeh: Awesome, as in we're pictured on the banner, uh huh :)
procyanide: And the grand opening?
foxeh: February 7th, Rainbow Ark's 6th anniversary!

January 22 ___ 2010

foxeh: Kiran's nav bar no longer jumps!
procyanide: jUmPs?
foxeh: When you scan across, the secondary line now doesn't disappear/reappear, causing the rest of the page below to jump.
procyanide: I thought that was my eyes - I was trying to decide if glasses would make me chic
foxeh: *pats* and now each page has customized messages in that secondary line.
procyanide: How's the Forum coming?
foxeh: On schedule ^.^
procyanide: Sweet.

January 12 ___ 2010

foxeh: The finishing touches are being performed on the Forum!
procyanide: Xedrik and Jarrell, they're my homies
foxeh: Word
procyanide: Jarrell's doin the word tweaks, and Xedrik is doin the color tweaks
foxeh: And it's just about ready to go, and then it will be time to solicit some moderators.
procyanide: And they're looking no further than right here and on the lj
foxeh: There are so many subforums there's something for every interest.

January 2 ___ 2010

procyanide: A correction was just made to ProfHauke's testimony. There was a line omitted. Now it actually makes sense.
foxeh: It was slightly older than the ones where Jarrell could simply cut&paste text. We have space for a lot more testimonies BTW.
procyanide: Yeah and there is at least one other in prog.
foxeh: Did you make any resolutions?
procyanide: Yeah, to give you at least half the drama I get from you :D ...Thanks for inviting me over for Christmas BTW, and not serving me as the main course.
foxeh: It was nice to have the option in case the ham was too salty.
procyanide: I like your Grandma
foxeh: I'm sure the cookies helped.
procyanide: Well... yeah, they were pretty awesome too :P

December 31 ___ 2009

foxeh: Happy New Year, Curt!
procyanide: Eh, it's just another day
foxeh: True, but each new day is a new beginning.
procyanide: Okay, Pollyanna :)
foxeh: *glomp* So anyway, the chat has been disabled. It seems it was in violation of terms of agreement, and a possible security risk for other clients on the server.
procyanide: Well, crap :P
foxeh: But there've been a few ideas put forth by our web host for compliant chat configurations, so Paul is looking into that.
procyanide: That's cool at least. Jarrell's been doing little tweaks here and there to the various pages.
foxeh: He's definitely a tinkerer, he is ^.^

December 20 ___ 2009

procyanide: Free stuff!
foxeh: Free stuff?
procyanide: look below, new button
foxeh: Ah, free stuff :) ...the forum is on schedule.
procyanide: Kewl. What kind?
foxeh: Xedrik is planning a phpBB3 and he and Jarrell are beginning to put it together.
procyanide: Nice.

December 14 ___ 2009

procyanide: I heard a rumor
foxeh: What did we say about rumors?
procyanide: This is a reliable source
foxeh: *eyeroll*
procyanide: The forum is coming and it will be up in time for the Ark's 6th anniversary bein a LiveJournal!
foxeh: Squeee!!! :D That's the last piece.
procyanide: *nodnodnod*
foxeh: Thank You Jesus. That will be awesome to have all of the subsections for discussion that they can't do on the lj.
foxeh: BTW, what are you doing for Christmas?
procyanide: *shrug* Pretty much what I do every day I guess
foxeh: Come and join us. It's just me and Grandma. We'd love to have you.
procyanide: You make it sound like I'm on the menu. I might want to thumb through her cook book before I get too comfortable :)
foxeh: Ur silly
procyanide: Sure, why not
foxeh: *hugs you good*

November 29 ___ 2009

procyanide: So yeah, a bit of a change to the home page here.
foxeh: *nod* And it wasn't just because Jarrell got bored.
procyanide: Not this time. The photoshop-based design wasn't allowing for any changes unless the whole thing was revamped and resliced which is a pain.
foxeh: And its static nature didn't allow for it to reconfigure to different displays, so it was way too wide for some.
procyanide: Yeah, like a half of a raccoon, moi, unless you scrolled right.
foxeh: So this is a second incarnation - not meant to be the ultimate one. But one that will serve its purpose a little better than the former design.
procyanide: Hey and we should remind the peeps that we have a guest book where they can give us their feedback or just wave and say "yo!"
foxeh: That's right, little coonie friend, and there's plenty more to see ^.^

November 20 ___ 2009

foxeh: *sigh*
procyanide: Sigh?
foxeh: This
procyanide: *looks* ... *nods sadly*
foxeh: Being an MTF, this really hits home. I lost a good friend about 3 years ago. She was also trans. It was a murder, but they closed the case after only 3 months, without a suspect.
procyanide: *just listens*
foxeh: I think of my best friend when I told him about me just before I started to transition, and he flipped out. He seemed like someone who would understand. But his reaction... I sometimes wonder if he's capable of ... killing :(
procyanide: I'm yer best friend now.
foxeh: *smiles a little* Yes you are.

November 18 ___ 2009

procyanide: The calendar kitties now work in Firefox
foxeh: Cool! I see!! Did Jarrell get a tip on how to do that?
procyanide: Yup. Thanks to yet another raccoon known as Xedrik
foxeh: *honors your species with special shinees*

November 17 ___ 2009

procyanide: Hey, so the Calendar is up!
foxeh: Yes it is. This is a stand-in that Jarrell put together.
procyanide: It looks pretty decent.
foxeh: But it's just basic html and peeps visiting can't scroll forward or backward through the months.
procyanide: But like we say, it's better than the lame construction page.
foxeh: Well of course.
procyanide: I did notice that the hovers don't seem to work in anything but IE
foxeh: They're working on that problem, actually.

November 14 ___ 2009

foxeh: There have been new additions to the subsections: Timeline, Glossary, and FAQ.
procyanide: Yep, and we need more Arkers to send in their personal stories and art pieces so we can beef up Testimonies and Gallery
foxeh: Oo! A call for arteests!!
procyanide: Yes. And when they do, they get their description on the Gallery main page, and their own freakin page for their art stuffs, which includes poetry, or even if they have pics of them in fursuit.
foxeh: Oh, that's just too cool. So where should they send their submissions, oh wise and grumpy 'coon?
procyanide: That would be to my best friend: jarrell@myrainbowark.com
foxeh: Best friend?! Didn't you call him a hack a few months back?
procyanide: Wasn't me >.>

November 4 ___ 2009

foxeh: Okay, so all the systems are currently running except for Forum and Calendar.
procyanide: And I see there have been a few more images and products added to the Ark Store.
foxeh: I like us on products.
procyanide: We gives them class!

October 24 ___ 2009

procyanide: The guest book is temporarily down to do mortal combat with teh spam bots
foxeh: It's really becoming annoying isn't it?
procyanide: Was thinking of another term, but we'll go with annoying
foxeh: I'd like to assure our guests that all of the legitimate posts are in a safe place.

October 24 ___ 2009

procyanide: *flails* OMG! The Gallery is up!
foxeh: Yes, just minutes ago! This is a stand-in until the permanent one is configured.
procyanide: Still, it's a lot better than staring at the construction page
foxeh: *squee* Check out the sketches of us! We look so.. so pencilly ^.^
procyanide: Whoa, some handsome guys who were at AC back in 05

October 19 ___ 2009

procyanide: Hey Chris!
foxeh: Yo!
procyanide: The Ark Store just opened, like seconds ago!! It's the purple button under me
foxeh: Sweeet!! :D
procyanide: It's a little sparce...
foxeh: Something tells me much more is coming.

October 3 ___ 2009

foxeh: The Ark Store is now configured in CafePress and is awaiting content.
procyanide: We're going to be FAMOUSSSS!!! :D
foxeh: O.. kay... And all of our older IM from the beginning is now in an archive and the link to it is at the bottom of this home page.
procyanide: Hey, I just found out something
foxeh: And pray what would that be, my little masked friend?
procyanide: I just found out that our supporters have been so generous at the Donation page, that our budget is completely defrayed, and then some, until May of next year.
foxeh: ^.^;

September 23 ___ 2009

procyanide: I don't think we went anywhere. Has it happened yet?
foxeh: No. There's actually been a change of plans. Rather than a small upgrade to the home page, which is currently working fine, they're concentrating on the last 4 sections which are still down.
procyanide: Gallery, Ark Store, Calendar and Forum?
foxeh: Yes, and probably in that order.
procyanide: I don't understand what's taking so long! :P
foxeh: The Gallery is kind of unique and it's taking awhile to configure, plus it doesn't help that Paul's home internet has been down more than it's up.
procyanide: That's Paul, but what's Jarrell doing?
foxeh: This is a little out of his league, so he's sticking to improvements and additions to current sections, and now starting to work on the Ark Store. He'd like to get that one up well before Christmas.
procyanide: It's just so frustrating, I'm getting tired of the same ol same ol. So, after the Ark Store, then what?
foxeh: Then probably the Calendar - they're looking at a couple of different programs. When this is going, it will have upcoming fur cons, member birthdays, famous dates, holidays - all kinds of stuff. It's been difficult to find one that has the features they want that looks good too, but it'll happen.
procyanide: Then the forum?
foxeh: *nods* Most likely by February or March. Jarrell's been wanting a linked PHPBB or similar, but Paul wants to have all the code and content resident to the site so we own it and get's backed up with everything else. If he's able to pull it off, it's going to be simply grand.
procyanide: THEN the makeover on the home page.
foxeh: Yep. And with the ideas they have, the home page should be sweet!

September 12 ___ 2009

foxeh: The Glossary has now been enhanced with links.
procyanide: Ooo, I'm so glad. I didn't know what a Troll was :P
foxeh: Okay, just for that, Prince Charming, you announce the next bit.
procyanide: The main page might go down in the next week or so, for the space of 45 minutes to an hour for an upgrade
foxeh: But we'll be back.
procyanide: Yup.

September 3 ___ 2009

procyanide: the Mephits is coming!
foxeh: That's "are" coming, and they're here!!!
procyanide: My 'coon sense told me so
foxeh: That's your nose, Curt. Wave to all the MFM furs!!
procyanide: *flails* Click on the goodies, most of them work
foxeh: Yes, and please sign our guestbook and give us a yip.
procyanide: But don't spend so much time on teh internets
foxeh: And eat lots of pizza!!! :P

September 1 ___ 2009

foxeh: Another upgrade at the request of a member...
procyanide: Are they finally putting in a soda machine?
foxeh: *ignore* Now when you click on "Our lj" it will open a new window instead of navigate you away from the site.
procyanide: Sweet! So they can read, post, etc. and still be here
foxeh: That's affirmative. :D
procyanide: It's a shiny thing
foxeh: It's the real deal.
procyanide: Jiminy Cricket: What they can't do these days

August 23 ___ 2009

foxeh: Knock knock
procyanide: >.> Who's there?
foxeh: Snu
procyanide: What's ....eh
foxeh: The selected page is red on the nav bar,
procyanide: aaannnd...
foxeh: all the regular quotes have been replaced by smartquotes
procyanide: 'kay

August 17 ___ 2009

foxeh: Happy Anniversary, Curt!
procyanide: o.O Chris, what are you talking about?
foxeh: *giggles* MyRainbowArk.com is 2 months old today ^.^
procyanide: Well, that's pretty cool.

August 16 ___ 2009

procyanide: There. When you go to the guestbook page to read the entries, the navigation bar is no longer possessed
foxeh: Kewl. And they fixed the footer logos too.
procyanide: Mephit is coming soon. What's close to completion?
foxeh: Possibly the gallery.
procyanide: I've heard THAT before.
foxeh: Patience - it's just taking a little more time.
procyanide: The forum, ark store and calendar?
foxeh: All likely before the end of the year.
procyanide: *nods* Well, I guess that'll do.
foxeh: And we've had a lot of visitors lately from Flayrah! *waves at all the Flayrah furs* ^.^
procyanide: Can they benefit from cialis?
foxeh: I suppose you're referring to the spam bot that found the guestbook.
procyanide: Yep
foxeh: They're being deleted as they appear, and a fix to block them is under way.

August 4 ___ 2009

foxeh: You've been quiet.
procyanide: *shrugs*
foxeh: You okay?
procyanide: Been thinking about mom It was a year ago today.
foxeh: :( I'm sorry. I should have remembered.
procyanide: It's okay
foxeh: *nuzzes* She's still proud of her boy.
procyanide: *smiles* You got me believing in heaven again
foxeh: That's what foxies do *hugs*
procyanide: Hey, so the guest book is up.
foxeh: Yep yep. The navigation on the read-entries page is a little wonky, but it'll be fixed in time. Paul's internet has been down more than it's up, so it's been kind of hard for him to do much lately.
procyanide: It's ahead of schedule on most stuff though. The forum is going to be awesome!!
foxeh: And the gallery :)
procyanide: Yep

July 25 ___ 2009

procyanide: OK Chris, I think it's time we gave a report
foxeh: You got it. Read 'em off and I'll give their status
procyanide: History/FAQ
foxeh: up & running
procyanide: Calendar?
foxeh: researching software
procyanide: YJLM
foxeh: up & running
procyanide: Our LiveJournal
foxeh: link working
procyanide: Testimonies
foxeh: up & running, but seeking more testimonies
procyanide: Gallery?
foxeh: functional, being tweeked, not yet pointed
procyanide: E-mail
foxeh: up & running
procyanide: Chat
foxeh: operational, but awaiting more traffic
procyanide: Guest Book
foxeh: nearly complete, running, not yet pointed
procyanide: Forum
foxeh: researching software, targeted for early November
procyanide: The Ark Store
foxeh: in the planning stage
procyanide: Donations
foxeh: up & running

July 20 ___ 2009

foxeh: *checks clipboard* So we have more systems coming online to report. The Chat isn't scheduled for official launch until the Forum is established, but as of now, the Chat is operational.
procyanide: Cool. What kind of chat?
foxeh: It's an IRC channel Paul put together. There will be instructions posted this week to help individuals get started
procyanide: Sweet. What other goodies you got there?
foxeh: Let's see... the YJLM main page is being put together and the 10 individual studies are coded and only need to be incorporated into pages and then pointed. Jarrell will be putting those up this week.
procyanide: Nice! What about the gallery?
foxeh: The Gallery is functional now, just not up yet. Plus its main page is still being configured.
procyanide: I thought I heard that the guest book is closer
foxeh: You heard right. It's sorta been there, but it had an issue.
procyanide: such as??
foxeh: Such as, you'd type your name and comment and hit "submit" and it would go poof
procyanide: :P
foxeh: Paul is fixing that this week.

July 5 ___ 2009

foxeh: It's Sunday, Curt.
procyanide: So...
foxeh: So, it's time for the Sunday message. This is what the lj rainbow_ark posted this morning from Whosoever...
procyanide: *reads* *tilts head* I haven't had much use for churches in awhile, but I could maybe picture me going to his.

July 3 ___ 2009

foxeh: Shhhh, not so loud - furs are trying to sleep
procyanide: There's time later for sleeping! Bring on the caffeinated soda, and heat up the ramen! It's time to hit the con!
foxeh: Ramen for breakfast?
procyanide: Works for me :P
foxeh: Well, let's see *checks notes* ah, the navigation strip is now working.
procyanide: Cool.
foxeh: The rest of one truncated testimony has been corrected.
procyanide: Such big words :P
foxeh: Most things are big to someone of your stature.
procyanide: *glare*
foxeh: *squeezes* I like my coonie friend ^.^;

June 30 ___ 2009

foxeh: Hey Curt! we're at A.Ceeeee!
procyanide: Pittsburgh is decidedly furry this week
foxeh: A lot of 'em are stopping by, so smile big :D
procyanide: I AM :)ing
foxeh: and more of the site is up
procyanide: Testimonies along with History/FAQ
foxeh: Viewers will find the navigation bar on the other pages a little, how shall we say... uncooperative
procyanide: it sucks
foxeh: don't say that :P
procyanide: ssssuuuuuuuuxxxxxx
foxeh: *swats muzzle* but Paul's aware of it, and at worst it just means clicking back to that section's main page, then on to another secondary page like Glossary or FAQ.
procyanide: The testimonies... good stuff
foxeh: Yes, and the email, and link to LiveJournal, all working, and the Guestbook and Gallery are in the works!
procyanide: So when's it gonna be done?
foxeh: Oh there's lots to do, but I think it's safe to say by the end of the year. It's only just launched
procyanide: for AC
foxeh: *nods* and to everyone reading along, WELCOME :D, have an awesome time at the convention *hugs each one* ^.^

June 27 ___ 2009

foxeh: The Email is up!
procyanide: and the History/FAQ!
foxeh: Yep, and the Testimonies are in progress
procyanide: The navigation line's got bugs, but they're being squashed
foxeh: :o Don't hurt the bugs! a jury-rigged Gallery is coming in time for AC so photos can be uploaded as they are submitted to Jarrell
procyanide: I've heard the Guestbook is coming soon too
foxeh: Oh Curt! This has been so long in coming, and now it's Finally Happening!!!1!!one!! :D

June 20 ___ 2009

procyanide: I feel eyes on me
foxeh: That's because others are reading our convo
procyanide: O Great :P I suppose that means I gotta be nice to you
foxeh: I wouldn't go that drastic ;)
procyanide: LULZ So why are they here? ...inquiring minds blah blah
foxeh: Well, it just so happens Rainbow Ark is celebrating 5 years on LiveJournal and they are launching this website
procyanide: And?!!
foxeh: And, we're the hosts.
procyanide: Who is this illusive "they" and where's my pay?
foxeh: Jarrell, Kiranlightpaw, Sunshine Fox and some cute human named Paul, and UR pay is that they don't delete you *smirk*
procyanide: Jarrell! What a hack!!
foxeh: *withholds shinies*
procyanide: *pouts* ok, so since "they're" here let's drop the third person ref. U go first...
foxeh: Fair enough. Hi everyone :D I'm Chris and I'm a male to female trans vixen. I lost my best friend when I told him, my Grandma's been awesome! I thank God for her. Ur turn...
procyanide: I'm Curt, and... I'm... pretty gay... Yeah :P
foxeh: *blinks* That's it?
procyanide: 'nuf for now.
foxeh: Ok, well, here's the site so far. Of the buttons, the link to our lj works, the email is being configured, and among the first viewable sections will be History.
procyanide: That'll be good, but the one I'm waiting on is Gallery
foxeh: Me too, but that will be a little longer. Bye for now *waves*

June 17 ___ 2009

foxeh: hey Curt!
procyanide: sup, Chris?
foxeh: we're on a homepage, and we're holding signs ^.^
procyanide: Duh, mine's better than yours cuz it's neon XD

end of first transmission...


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