Furry? ... LGBT? ... and Christian?

Open Arms
on FurAffinity
“I am a gay Christian man. Shortly after coming out I was disowned by my mother in a flurry of curses and Bible verses. Now I live with my mate who is amazing in every way and I thank God for him with every breath.” ~SpartanFur

Open Arms, Founded October 2010

...a safe place where support and advice can be offered for those who feel ostracized by their family, friends, and/or God because of their sexuality. However, you don’t have to be any of the above to be a member!

Rainbow Ark
on LiveJournal
“I hadn’t allowed myself to question my own sexuality until later in life. When I realized that I’m bisexual, it finally dawned on me why I had been so anti-gay before - because of my own repression.” ~Jarrell

Rainbow Ark, Founded February 2004

There is very little which is off-topic for our community. Ask a question, share your beliefs, a book or movie review, a poem, or any current event you think would be of interest. Share what’s on your heart, promote a pertinent site or organization.