#04 The Adventures of Chris and Curt by SunshineFox


Okay. So we have two endings depending on your preference, and before you roll your eyes, you know as well as anyone they do this in movies now all the time. Granted they’re usually acted out and all, but here you go anyway...

In one ending, our heroes actually made it to a furry convention, they got compliments on the realism of their fursuits, and they befriended a shy con-goer.

In an alternate ending, they drove to the real “Critter Con” which they thought was a furry convention, but is actually an agility meet for owners and their dogs. Of course they arrived without their ‘owners’ and they ran the same obstacle courses as the pooches because they thought they were regular activities for a fur convention.

In either case they had a great time, or possibly both cases if you espouse to alternate parallel universes (universi?) and they made it home safely and Curt’s Caddy didn’t break down or nothin’ bad happened. The end. ^.^

Hopefully, we can resurrect this and share more panels sometime.