"This isn't something I came up with on impulse. I thought about it off and on for some time before I finally got serious about writing it down.

My fursona has been a red wolf since 1997. (Moonbarker Osbourne was an alter ego to my fursona, not a new fursona) and I expect it to stay that way. So why the red wolf? Why does it fit me?

What first drew me to red wolves was that I've always had some level of interest in things that aren't common, in this case the number of reds versus the number of greys, and red has long been a favorite color of mine. But there are also things about red wolves that are similar to me.

I am Echota Cherokee and a member of the wolf clan.

Red wolves tend to be solitary or live in small family groups. I tend to be solitary, prefer the company of small groups of people instead of a larger "pack" and to "den" as I call it in rural areas.

Red wolves are native to the southeastern United States and unlike their coyote cousins, prefer areas that aren't populated. I was born in Toccoa Falls Georgia, grew up in Guntersville Alabama and I presently den in Rural Sevier County Tennessee near Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

Genetically, red wolves are 20-24% coyote, a hybrid of Canis Lantris and Canis Lupus. Coyotes are thought to be tricksters. Those who know me know that when I have that grin on my face, I'm up to something. Even when I was a small pup, my parents knew I was up to something if I was "Grinnin' like a 'possum eatin' sawbrier" as my father liked to say.

Red wolves have an overall slender appearance and legs that are disproportionately longer than coyotes. I am 73in/185cm tall, have a slender build (on which there was a good bit of fat at one point in time) legs that are 38in/97cm hip to heel and forelegs that are 23in/58cm shoulder to handpaw.

Red wolves are primarily nocturnal though it's common for them to be active during the day. I am primarily nocturnal though it's common for me to be active during the day.

Red Wolf pairs tend to bond for life. I would bond for life if I met the right lady.

One of the places they like to live is in forests. I like to live in a forest.

Though I have my preferences, I'm generally not picky about my food. I'll eat just about anything, even things that others may find to not be fresh enough for their own taste if not downright disgusting.

Canids love to have their ears rubbed. That sends nerve impulses to pituitary glands that secrete endorphins, pain-killing, feel-good types of hormones that make your dog so relaxed throughout his/her whole body that he/she becomes essentially “high” off of his/her own hormones. Even when I rub my own ears, I find it to be a pleasurable sensation.

I'm not disgusted by many sights and sounds that would trigger nausea in most humans. Canids are not disgusted by many sights and sounds that would trigger nausea in most humans.

Wolves surplus kill when they can. When I go to the sto', I get more than I need so I don't have to take the time to go as often.

If anyone can think of anything comparing me to red wolves, please feel free to say so!

Take care!

Cloudchaser Sakonige (sah-koh-nee-gay), the red biker wolf"

"Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul" Author unknown

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