8 August 2023 - Changed a dead name of an artist to their proper name. Also this past Sunday I pointed the final homepage for Rainbow Ark, denoting the organization's closure in early 2024. The Facebook account has been marked for deletion in the next 30 days. The LiveJournal and FurAffinity accounts will be deleted in March 2024. The Twitter account is in the process of being abandoned for BlueSky. The BlueSky handle of @RainbowArk will be changed likely before the end of the year. Website hosting for MyRainbowArk.com will not be renewed when it comes up for renewal in March/April 2024. Members who have email accounts should take measures if necessary to save any of their content before March. It's been a great run: 20 years! Thank you all for being a part of Rainbow Ark. Others will come along and make better social media, resources, and content for the newer generations.
29 July 2023 - Added the BlueSky link to the homepage. Renewed the LiveJournal link as an https on the homepage only. I'll make these two changes to all the footers later.
7 July 2022 - Added "Skrunkly" to the Glossary thanks to Threetails and Jamie Foxworthy
11 June 2022 - Made 3 changes to the Resources page.
9 June 2022 - Just replaced Revolution Church with a new resource called Internet Advisor on the "Resources" page.
13 February 2022 - Events of the year 2015 have now been added to Crossing Paths.
31 January 2022 - The migration is complete; the old server will be decomissioned in a few hours by InMotion; I've updated all of the email icons throughout the site to access the new server.
29 January 2022 - In process of updating all site pages to 2022. Just got notification from InMotion that they're migrating MyRainbowArk.com to a new server which will affect all our users which have emails. The current 168secure server still works for logging in to email. Sometime in the next couple of weeks is when the change will occur. When it does, I'll update the email button on the homepage so email users will again have access.
18 August 2021 - Been through Cloudy's Furry Dictionary a 100 times looking for typos before I let it go live. But just went back there a minute ago and my eye caught one I wasn't even looking for and now on the term: Merf "suprise" is now "surprise."
5 August 2021 - As of 5:50 this morning, The Furry History Project has, to the best of my ability, had all of its expired links restored or replaced.
3 August 2021 - Just finished renewing links at page 6 of The Furry History Project and will continue the rest later.
31 July 2021 - I've spent the last couple of hours this morning going through The Furry History Project by Perri Rhoades, page by page and replacing and renewing all of the many expired links. I've now finished with page 3 and will continue the rest later.
11 July 2021 - Added Century Gothic font as the most recent year numbers to Crossing Paths for the PCs which don't have Arial Rounded in their font files.
4 July 2021 - Improved the definition of "Glomp" in Glossary.
3 June 2021 - Just dropped the new and very possibly the final homepage.
23 May 2021 - Changed tense from past to present in one historical event on Crossing Paths in 2013. Began yesterday morning working on a new homepage to replace the current "butterfly" one and is scheduled for a mid-June release.
5 May 2021 - Changed our evolving motto (which on the homepage is the hover over the banner) from "17 years of support for LGBT+ religious furries" to "17 years of interfaith support for LGBT+ furries" which more closely aligns to our current message and purpose.
8 March 2021 - Added 3 events to Crossing Paths: May 1959, October 14 1979, and 2006.
25 February 2021 - Replaced the interfaith link associated with the "lamp" symbol. Added Cloudy's Dictionary to all the footers after completing and adding it to the home page on the 17th.
22 January 2021 - Grammar corrected in one of the "fun facts" and line spacing adjusted on the home page after a viewing disclaimer was added.
16 January 2021 - Removed a broken link in the History/FAQ Timeline that linked to a song.
5 January 2021 - Removed StatCounter code from all current pages.
2 December 2020 - Repaired Revolution Church link on Resources page.
1 November 2020 - Moments ago, switched over to the new home page after over a month of tweaking.
5 October 2020 - Updated several of the 37 "fun facts" about Rainbow Ark on the Visitor Lounge.
1 October 2020 - Corrected a copyright year on the footer of a testimony. Switched the "Forums" links to "Site Map" links in the footers. Removed Facebook buttons, except on the home page.
27 September 2020 - Adjusted the title of the old "Transsexual" title in the Glossary. Working up a new home page to drop after the election.
29 July 2020 - Repaired a broken link on the Virtual Cork Board to a testimony.
25 July 2020 - Increased the size of a chart on 1M1W, to help its legibility on smartphones.
14 July 2020 - Still alive and kickin' ...This morning I replaced an older link on Resouces with Alcohol Rehab Help, submitted by Michelle Taylor.
8 November 2019 - Just dropped a new homepage. A Nation cries out for justice.
2 September 2019 - We're not dead yet apparently. This morning, a GSA link in our Glossary was repaired and a new resource was added in Resources. Thanks to Mary Clande for both.
9 October 2018 - New resource is added to the Resources page and was submitted by Mike who contacted me by email. The site is called FiscalTiger and the page featured is a guide to paying for gender transition procedures.
9 August 2018 - New Resource is added to the empty spot on the page submitted by Ruben who contacted me by email. He's a representative of an organization dedicated to helping individuals struggling with substance abuse into recovery for the LGBTQ+ community. They're called The Recovery Village.
28 May 2018 - Fixed an expired (moved) link for "Hope Remains" on the Resources page. "WouldJesusDiscriminate" site is gone, so link is deleted.
25 March 2018 - Earlier today, switched to a new homepage, installed the new logo throughout, added the new secondary section: "Not the YJLM" while on ye olde laptop, all mostly with a cat on my lap. Now I'll sit back with my asbestos suit on while I wait and see how many flames come my way for adding the new section. I also cleaned up some code that was causing some red flags, and I'm clicking through everything to see what I may have missed with the updates.
4 November 2017 - This morning I unpointed the Donations page from the site navigation. At this point in time, I'm planning to permanently take down this website before the end of 2018. I'm beginning to compose a mail-to-all email to holders of MyRainbowArk.com accounts to take measures to move or print their email data before the end of summer 2018.
22 October 2017 - Still thinking about the future of RA and MyRA, but nothing will change before the end of the year, and I'll give at least a 6-month notice for those with email accounts to make other arrangements. The greatest threat to all of us beyond anything MyRA has historically stood for is the current Trump administration. Until he is removed from office, I can use the infrastructure we have in place to do our part in the Resistance. Please stay tuned for more information regarding this.
15 October 2017 - We're close to ending the 2nd year in a row without a new donation for webhosting. By now, I was going to have the pages reworked to be mobile friendly through some info I'd collected in a Lynda.com training course on html. I no longer have the motivation. Thinking seriously of repurposing the website since member interest seems to have dropped off and I'm now an atheist and don't really know how much of an ally I am anymore to religious members. I have some hard decisions in the next few months.
1 July 2017 - Added 'per month' information to the LiveJournal stats page found in a link just above here, and added navigation to the bottom of each page so the viewer can look back through the other months to December 2016.
7 March 2017 - Updated the look of the Site Map somewhat.
31 December 2016 - Just finished augmenting copyright dates from 2016 to 2017 throughout the site. For the first time since 2010, there a negative balance being carried over to a new year in our Donations. It's a little disheartening.
7 September 2016 - For "Crossing Paths" added Georgia as a second font choice in displaying the years for PCs/mobile devices which do not have either Viner Hand ITC (oldest years) or Arial Rounded MT (newest years) available.
31 August 2016 - Just finished disabling all of the section links on the previous home pages to eliminate 404 errors. These pages have been kept purely for historical/artistic reasons :) Last night switched to a new style "top journals stats" which incorporates our triad (of furry, lgbt+, and religious) into one list of 20 top journals, instead of trying to keep 3 separate lists. This was necessary because the furry communities have failed at a faster rate than the other two. The main goal is still to provide links to other LiveJournal communities with pertinent interests for our users.
20 August 2016 - Just switched over to the new home page a couple of minutes ago.
16 August 2016 - Got a slightly new look for the long scroll on Crossing Paths. I mainly fiddled with the fonts and colors for the years in the left column.
14 August 2016 - I'm just about ready to unveil the new (and possibly final ever) home page. I'm down to nit-picky details now. I got it looking identical in IE, Firefox, and Chrome, and the same format also works decently on a smartphone. I've finally ditched the elaborate hover A-B image code by Mr. Bevan, and went for simple text hover navigation to eliminate any load time. I'm pretty proud of the way it's looking--I've learned so much about how to put together a home page over the years, and I cringe now at my early creations. :)
28 July 2016 - Our LiveJournal has undergone an unprecedented 16 consecutive days improvement in community rating each day over the last and is now at #708. It is now within just 70 of being at a straight social capital of 10. More entries, more comments, and an increase in RSS subscriptions seem to be the main contributors.
7 July 2016 - For perhaps a brief moment in time, nevertheless at present, rainbow_ark LiveJournal is the #1 rated LGBTIQQAA community among all the rest. We're currently at #810. The others near the top are as follows in order: ftm, asexuality, ah_gayfiction, gsa_lj, mtf, transgender, and ftmgaragesale.
1 July 2016 - I splurged today and made our lj rainbow_ark a "paid" journal for a year. I'm self funding apart from our donations. It seemed worth it since our lj has climbed the ratings rather steeply in the last several months. And it's not just through displacement of nearby dying journals because we're a lot closer to a straight social capital of 10 than we were before. With this we lose the ads for visitors, I get the stats back, and it's supposedly a little faster browsing and uploading. I'm not planning on more than just the year, but we'll see where all of LiveJournal is by next July.
1 May 2016 - Added a link to rainbow_ark LiveJournal stats of our community rating and that of comparable communities. It will be updated monthly. The link is the "paw" at the top of the right column above.
28 April 2016 - Just repaired the "Back" buttons in the footers of the secondary gallery pages.
17 April 2016 - Added entries in Crossing Paths for the years: 1852, 1869, 1916, and precise dates for 3 additional existing entries.
11 April 2016 - Added entries in Crossing Paths for the years: 1533, 1551, 1566, 1596.
10 April 2016 - Added entries in Crossing Paths for the years: 41, 91, 651, 1073, 1212, 1292, 1889, and a precise date for existing entry in 1424.
9 April 2016 - Ask Papabear has been added to our Resources page. It's basically a furry advice column hosted by a very helpful bear!