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Anthropomorphic n. contributed by Alexander Wolf on 7 Oct 2000, Humans with animal qualities and vice-versa

Blorch n. contributed by Sean Wilkerson on 30 Sep 2000, A vaguely flu-like illness that has a tendency to flourish and spread at large furry fandom gatherings such as conventions. Symptoms can vary, making the identification of the culprit micro-organism very difficult. It can also be exacerbated by immune system stressors such as lack of sleep from room-partying and dehydration from airline travel. No known cure, although I know a certain fur who boasts of his sure-fire preventative vitamin-herbal combination... :). Also: con crud, Mystery Con Illness 3000.

Burned Furs n. contributed by Peace on 4 Oct 2000, Sombunall furs who believe wholeheartedly in the Manichean philosophy and try to apply it to others.

Digitigrade adj.(v. contributed by Rimau Dahan on 30 Sep 2000), Walking on the ball of the foot (or the toe) only, as opposed to plantigrade (walking "flat-footed" or on the ball and the heel.)

Featheries n. plu. Like furries, but of an avian species with feathers instead of fur. See also "Furries" and "Scalies".

Find his/her tail v. Refers to finding one's furriness. Also includes variations such "When I found my tail"

Furdamentalist n. contributed by Peace on 4 Oct 2000, A closing off of the mind, body, soul. A Furry who takes what she/he/it believes to be 'Furry' and makes it Holy Writ, putting down what doesn't fit within her/his/its belief system. Eg. "You're playing a hyooman? How stupid is that?"

Furgot #1, #2, and #3 contributed by Gabriel Gentle on 29 Sep 2000, #4 contributed by Wanderer on 7 Oct 2000
(1) n. One who uses the fandom to parade about whatever perversion may tickle their fancy at the moment.
(2) n. One who claims to be furry, but doesn't really care about books, movies, etc. that feature animals as the main characters.
(3) n. Often, both of the above.
(4) v. Slang alteration of the word, "forgot". This is an example of Furspeech (q.v.)

Furries n. plu. Anthropomorphic animals that have realistic humanlike fursonas & intelligence and aren't just "funny animals". Body styles can range from 100% animallike with humanlike intellegence (but not necessarily with humanlike speech) to very humanlike with the only animal aspects being a fur coat, tail and head like that of an animal. See also the definitions for "Scalies" and "Featheries".

Furocent n. contributed by Peace on 4 Oct 2000, An innocent furry. Believe me, they exist.

Furspeech n. contributed by Wanderer on 7 Oct 2000, The not-altogether-serious alteration of words into equivalents referring to the furry culture. Examples from the above sentence would be transliterated as "not-altogether-Sirius" (after the Dog Star) and "refurring".

Fursuit n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, 'Fursuit' is another name for an animal costume, generally referring to one intended to be as realistic as the maker can achieve, although 'mascot'-style costumes are often included, and some furries have/wear/make both. Some furries like a more 'toonish' type of fursuit. Not a mascot, but something that is as close to some of their favourite toon fantasies as possible. It's rather like trying for realism where the desired goal is an already anthropomorphic character. By putting on a fursuit, you become a furry, as close as you'll get without surgery, anyhow. But BE WARNED; not everyone in an animal costume is a furry! Many furries feel that donning a fursuit helps them move closer to their 'true' furry form, and it's not at all unusual for furries to spend a lot of time in their suits, including sleeping in them. It has been reported by some furries that making love in a fursuit can be... very furry indeed!

Furvent n. contributed by Peace on 4 Oct 2000, A Furry that is in a passionate state of mind.

Furvert n. contributed by Barry Gold on 10 Oct 2000, One who enjoys furry erotica.

Hyooman n. contributed by Mark Wells on 2 Oct 2000, Derogatory mutation of 'human', implying that furries are fundamentally different from and superior to mundanes. The subtext is that non-human animals are superior to humans; furries, as humans with animal qualities, are presumed to inherit some of this superiority. The use of this term is limited to those who accept the premise that humans are inferior.

IRC n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, The acronym for "Internet Relay Chat", IRC is run on several different networks, which are divided into a variety of different 'channels'. These channels are usually devoted to a specific topic, and yes there are furry IRC's. In IRC you communicate in real time with whoever else is on the same channel, so IRC channels are virtual meeting places where conversation revolves around a specific topic or theme. You need special software to use IRC, for instance mIRC. This software can be downloaded from the web after finding it with a websearch. See also "ICQ" (sounds like I Seek You -

Macro Furry n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, A Macro Furry is simply a giant furry (meaning a 50' fox, not a 50' person who uses this newsgroup. To the best of our knowledge the latter does not exist.) Furry Macrophilia is basically the furry equivalent of the Giantess phenomenon in the 'mundane' realm, except that Macro Furries tend not to be so exclusively female, nor so exclusively sexual. Macro Furry artwork encompasses everything from harmless, funny, G-rated work, to scenes of mass carnage and overt sexuality. At the mass-destruction end of the spectrum, the archetypal Macro Furry is probably Godzilla.

Macrophile n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, A Macrophile is someone who enjoys fantasising about relationships with Macro Furries.

Merf v. #1 contributed by LionkingCMSL on 28 Sep 2000, #2 contributed by Luphinus on 1 Oct 2000
(1) To talk or chat (normally associated with vulpines and other canids) [v - She merfed to her mate.] Also see "Yerf"
(2) A sound made to show surprise or annoyance

Mint n. contributed by Brom Bear on 8 Oct 2000, One of numerous brands of small candies, flavored by mint leaves, and can be highly addictive, and cause certain anthropomorphic creatures to behave strangely and obsessively. See Flinthoof

MUCK, MUD, MOO (etc.) n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, Alternate acronyms for online multi-player games played using computers. There are quite a large number of them, and the variety among them is staggering. In the furry community, these games have become large virtual social gatherings, and there are many that are slanted towards their preferences. Their popularity stems from ones ability to look and act exactly the way one wishes while playing.

Mundane #1 contributed by Cloudchaser on 28 Sep 2000, #2 contributed by Mark Wells on 2 Oct 2000
(1) adj. Defined by Webster's Dictionary as "characterized by the practical, transitory, and ordinary; commonplace". Used as a non-derogatory slang term by furry lifestylers, furry fans and science fiction fans to refer to non-furs and non-sci-fi fans.
(2) n. A person who is not a furry. Literally means 'worldly'; the implication is that mundanes are concerned only with the world, and not with furry matters. This is not necessarily disparaging, unless used of a furry. It can be used, for example, to avoid confusion when introducing a furiend to one's family, coworkers, or other mundane friends.

Nutella n. #1 contributed by Cloudchaser on 28 Sep 2000, #2 contributed by Barry Gold on 10 Oct 2000
(1) A delicious hazelnut flavored chocolate spread that is found next to the jams, jellies & peanut butter in most grocery stores and is enjoyed as a sweet treat by many furs. For more info, see the official Nutella website at
(2) a.k.a. Food of the Gods. Highly addictive.

Pfurvert n. contributed by Peace on 4 Oct 2000, Furries who prey on Furocents.

Plantigrade v. contributed by Rimau Dahan on 30 Sep 2000, Walking "flat-footed" or on the ball and the heel only as opposed to Digitigrade (walking on the ball of the foot [or the toe] only.)

Plushie n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, Plushies are stuffed animals. The teddy bear is the original plushie, but nowadays there is a plethora of plushie species available. A plushie of a favourite or totem animal species can help a furry feel closer to that species in everyday 'mundane' life. Other furries may just collect plushies because, let's face it, plushies are cute. More than a few furries have a love of plushies which goes a lot deeper than this, however.

Plushophile n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, A plushophile is a person whose love of plush often extends into sexual, romantic or spiritual realms.

RL n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, Acronym for "Real Life"

Roophilia n. contributed by Marko Laine on 17 Aug 2003, [f. Austral. colloq. + Gr. philia affection.] An emotional attachment to, or love of kangaroos

Scalies n. plu. Like furries, but of a reptillian species with scales instead of fur. See also "Furries" and "Featheries".

SCHO-KA-KOLA n. #1 contributed by Mike on 28 Sep 2000, #2 contributed by Jack Furlong on 29 Sep 2000
(1) Caffienated chocolate energy food from Germany, comes in small red tins. Notable addicts include Jim Groat.
(2) (warning) Dangerous if taken in large quantities... (I found this out the hard way :P Addictive stuff....)

Skritch #1 contributed by Otter on 11 Oct 2000, #2 & #3 contributed by Tasci Synx on 12 Oct 2000
(1) n. A deep soothing scratch on the back of the neck or between the ears.
(2) v. To pleasantly abrade the skin beneath another's fur; to perform an act of benevolence usually as a reward for past aid.
(3) n. An instance or situation where skritching occurs; a furr who enjoys skritches. aka: scritch

Sombunall contributed by Peace on 4 Oct 2000, Amalgam of Some But Not All (SomBuNAll). Applied to value statements such as, "Most furries are gay" or "Humans are stupid." You can only really speak with any authority about SOME of a group, and not ALL or even MOST. Therefore, "Sombunall furries are gay," or "Sombunall humans are stupid."

Spooge #1 contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, #2 & #3 contributed by Doodles on 28 Sep 2000, #4 contributed by Cloudchaser on 28 Sep 2000
(1) n. An abstract noun meaning furry erotica, or a verb or concrete noun associated with what tends to happen to male furries who view said erotica. There should probably be a term for the female equivalent, but no-one seems to have coined it yet.
(2) n. Any liquid or semi-liquid substance either created as a result of, or used as a supplement to, sexual activity. [Examples: the secrections of genetalia, various lubricants, mayonnaise. Don't ask me why the last one, I only work here.]
(3) n. Any artwork that displays sexual behaviour and includes depictions of bodily secretions from the genitals.
(4) v. The act of spooging (producing the fluids produced during a sexual climax).

Tim Tams n. contributed by Batty on 29 Sep 2000, A rectangular chocolate coated chocolate cream chocolate cookie found only in Australia and New Zealand. Comes in dark chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, coffee and double-dipped variations. Rated by Australians and New Zealanders as "Bloody Brilliant" and preferred over Nutella. (that it's also in New Zealand pointed out by Blakjak)

Toblerone n. contributed by Wanderer on 7 Oct 2000, A Swiss-made chocolate bar, available in a wide array of sizes and flavors. While not generally acknowledged in the furry community, surprisingly popular among werewolves and other therianthropes.

Toonophilia n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, I'll bet you've guessed already :) Toonophilia is a love of cartoon characters. Of course for our purpose we would limit the discussion to furry toonophilia. 'A love of cartoon characters' can mean a tendency to become deeply emotionally involved with a toon, or it can mean a sexual attraction, or both. One of the most celebrated toonophiles is the famed underground artist Robert Crumb, who stunned 'mundane' audiences by admitting to having been sexually attracted to Bugs Bunny - though some might say that the most famous toonophile of all was 'Uncle Walt'. Perhaps the most well-rounded definition of a furry toonophile is a person who regards furry toons with the same range of emotions he or she would bestow on a human. We'd love to have a dollar for every furry who's had a serious crush on Mrs. Brisby or Justin from 'The Secret of NIMH'.

Totem Animal n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, Totemism is a belief system which is traditionally associated with pre-literate societies. Its forms are so varied across the globe that it probably resists a neat or single explanation. Probably the most salient feature however is that of a tribal group associating itself with a particular species of animal, to which clan or tribe members are related by mythical ancestry. In some societies totem animals are associated with ritual, but in North American native culture this is less the case. Some Australian aboriginal societies believe in a one-on-one relationship between a human and his or her personal totem animal. This relationship sometimes involves a transference of magical powers to the human. It is this sort of individual totemism which is popular amongst furries. The entire subject of totemism is highly personal and individual, and it is probably best not to offer any definitive account of it. Let's just say that plenty of furries either have, or are in search of their totem animal, for spiritual guidance, or just to help cement their furry identity.

Were/Theriomorph n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, Since the beginnings of human society there have been people who have claimed the ability to 'shift' into the form of another animal, either physically or mentally. The word theriomorph,' meaning 'having an animal shape,' has been coined to describe these people. A similar word, 'therianthropy' denotes the ability to change between human and animal forms. The best-known examples of this in European legendry are werewolves (from Germanic roots meaning 'man-wolf.') Though not strictly correct, the term 'were' has been used (werewolf, werecat, werebear) interchangeably with 'theriomorph.' There are many people today who believe they possess this ability. Most only claim to be able to 'shift' mentally, into the mindset of some animal they feel some kind of spiritual tie to; some have also claimed to be able to shift physically, although there has never been any definite proof of this.

Vixen n. contributed by R.D. Lepew on 28 Sep 2000
(1) A female fox, often in a very suggestive or yiffy pose.
(2) Any female furry who is smoking hot.

VR n. contributed by Tirran on 28 Sep 2000, Acronym for "virtual reality", but usually refers to what goes on over the Internet.

Yerf v. contributed by LionkingCMSL on 28 Sep 2000, same as merf (I'll yerf at you later.)

Yiff v. n. or adj. depending on usage, contributed by Cloudchaser on 28 Sep 2000, Basically the same thing as the human word "sex". For example, "She's yiffy" means the same thing as "She's sexy". For a definition that's more thorough and detailed, go to