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Rainbow Ark: the original advocates for
religious queers in the furry fandom


There are no incompatibilities in being
religious AND LGBT.

Sexual orientation is inborn, it is not a choice.
Being gay is not a deficiency which needs to be fixed.
There is nothing scripturally against same-sex relationships.
Heterosexual people don’t choose to be straight,
they simply are. Gay people don’t choose to be
attracted to the same sex, they simply are.

We encourage everyone to practice their faith while being
true to their inborn orientation or gender identity. We
seek peace and mutual respect between the religious and
LGBT factions within the fandom and beyond, and promote
understanding through education and testimony.

There are no incompatibilities in being
religious AND furry.

The furry community remains largely unknown by the
general public except where the most outlandish aspects
of the fandom have received the most media attention.
The core of furry is simply an interest in animals
with human characteristics, and vice versa.

Jesus himself included many instances of animals in parables.
He is compared biblically to both the Lion and the Lamb.


Events leading to the formation of Rainbow Ark LiveJournal
and website.


The meanings of various terms that find their way into
our discussions.

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