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We don't have a guest book anymore cuz the bots took it over, but we do have this cork board where anything can go (within reason). Send your message to and he’ll tack it up there for you.

Our webcomic had an auspicious beginning, but it ended too soon—would be wonderful for one of our Arkers to pick it back up and make it into something.

snpdiva found this gem for us in March 2013...

If you want to fursuit like a pro—really act out your character and be truly animated—if you do half this good, you’re doing well. But beyond all of that, this is the video I watch when I'm feeling low, and it picks me up every. single. time.
Our very own tigeronstarfire. Enjoy!

  The state of our rainbow_ark LiveJournal, statistically speaking, and links to related communities. And current stats:

Our featured track for the end of year: 2011. A gentle, thought-provoking song by Peter Mayer...

Here is a small collection of cartoons sent to us by

In the first year of our website, it was important to have the site news (which was done in the style of an IM conversation between Chris and Curt) to announce new additions to the site as they became available. But in time, its use evolved to one of general announcements. That continues here in the Lounge...

Purely for historical reference, here is the entire Chris & Curt “IM” Archive, collected from all of the site news announcements from June '09 to February '13.

A personal message from our founder, to the followers of Rainbow Ark.


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